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It is essential to engage the family and community as a means of closing the achievement gap. School Days with Eric Thomas, LLC works with schools to transform the culture and relationship between school, community, and home. This transformation will ensure that student achievement and academic outcomes are improved but most importantly the achievement gap closes.

The goal of School Days: Break the Cycle curriculum is to foster and sustain family and community engagement to improve academic achievement by:

  • Helping families to build trust and relationships with their children’s school teachers and administrators.

  • Transforming complacent mindsets about education and the education system.

  • Guiding family members to understand the necessity of involvement in their student's academic career.

  • Engaging families in their student’s academic development as a partner.

  • Teaching families to develop an academic vision to invest in their children's academic career.


School Days with Eric Thomas, LLC will take the school through a series of reflective sessions to examine its culture and beliefs as it relates to family and community engagement. Based upon the findings, the school will develop an action plan to address the barriers and develop next steps to reach families and the community. The action plan will clearly outline the steps the school will take to provide a welcoming environment to all family members as well as outreach initiatives that will be implemented to encourage family engagement and participation.  


The materials used will be:

  • “Average Skill Phenomenal Will” Book by Dr. Eric Thomas

  • “Greatness is Upon Youth” Character Manual by Dr. Eric Thomas

  • “The Secret to Success” Book & Journal by Dr. Eric Thomas

  • Access to “School Days” On Demand Video Series

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