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The social and emotional health of students is a contributing factor to their performance in the classroom. Many students have a tough time being successful due to trauma, poor behavior, poor school attendance and an array of other issues beyond their control. School Days with Eric Thomas, LLC works with schools to transform the culture and relationship between school, community, and home.

This transformation will ensure that student achievement and academic outcomes are improved but most importantly the achievement gap closes. The goal of School Days: Break the Cycle curriculum is to support social and emotional development for students and improve academic achievement by:

  • Helping students to become more responsible for their learning.

  • Encouraging a “can-do” attitude towards student’s academic, social and emotional growth.

  • Providing teachers and parents with strategies to support their student’s social and emotional growth and academic career.

Students will receive support in building character, understanding the value of integrity and encouraging a growth mindset. Student meetings will provide intensive support that addresses techniques for social and emotional health based upon student needs. Students will examine the importance of attendance and understanding how attendance can equate to success. To achieve these standards the curriculum is broken down into the following seven sessions:


  1. Reputation vs. Character

  2. Confessing vs. Getting Caught

  3. Victim vs. Victor

  4. Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking

  5. The Grasshopper vs. The Ant

  6. Currency vs. Legacy

  7. Repel vs. Attract


  • Greatness Is Upon Youth eBook

  • Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan

  • Opinions Matter Bonus Material


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